Do you take care of your fleet?

Golf cars fleet is a very important investment for golf courses, and as happen with all kind of machines, they require a maintenance and service.  If a quick review is done on cars can reduce the issues and damaged on cars.  Here you have preventive daily review that can be done to check your cars:

  • General.  All the parts should be in place and properly installed. Be sure that all nuts, bolts, and screws are tight.
  • Tyres, ensure tire pressure is correct.  Improper tire pressure can be unsafe for players, damage steering group and cause a premature tire wear.
  • Batteries.  Check electrolyte to ensure that it is at its proper level. Check battery posts. Wires.
  • Charger cord, plug, and receptacle: Visually inspect for cracks, loose connections, and frayed wiring.
  • Forward/Reverse switch: Check for proper operation.
  • Brakes: Be sure the brakes function properly. When brake pedal is pressed using moderate pressure, the vehicle should come to a smooth, straight stop. If the vehicle swerves or fails to stop, stops abruptly, or makes a grinding or squeaking noise, have the brake system checked and adjusted as required. Continued, moderate brake pedal pressure should be able to lock the wheels, but using lesser pressure should also permit a slow, gradual deceleration.
  • Park brake: When latched, the park brake should lock the wheels and hold the vehicle stationary (on an incline of 20% or less). It should release when either the accelerator or brake pedal is pressed.
  • Reverse buzzer: The reverse buzzer will sound as a warning when the Forward/Reverse handle or switch is in the REVERSE position.
  • Steering: The vehicle should be easy to steer and should not have any play in the steering wheel.
  • General: Listen for any unusual noises such as squeaks or rattles. Check the vehicle’s ride and performance.
  • Have a Club Car distributor/dealer or a trained technician investigate anything unusual.
  • Club Car’s Safety First Cards are great tools to aid in improved communication between fleet owners and CCI dealers. 
  • CCI Part Number: 101823101



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Richard Hills, European Ryder Cup Director

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Thomas Döbber-Rüther, Fleesensee Golf & Country Club