Increase your batteries’ performance

The most important element of a car is its battery.  It provides energy to different electrical components and allows golfers to enjoy their rounds.

We know how frustrating it is to receive complaints from customers relating to incidents where a vehicle has stopped in the middle of the game.

To this end, simple battery AND vehicle maintenance will help to reduce any future potential issues, as well as help improve battery life and performance. 

Battery Maintenance:

  1. Ensure batteries have the correct level of electrolyte. Battery plates must be immersed into the water and below the plastic indicator. Check and refill batteries every week.
  2. Dirty batteries may cause a shortcut between battery post. When batteries are clean, there´s no continuity (Picture 1). If the batteries are dirty however, as shown in picture 2, there´s a continuity that can make the battery short-circuit, prematurely discharge and ultimately damage it.
  3. When batteries are not in use, still keep vehicles charging.
  4.  Battery wires must be clean and properly tight.  A lose wire can make the battery post melt. In order to avoid this, we recommend using battery post protection spray.
Vehicle Maintenance:
  1. Ensure that tires have the correct air pressure. An incorrect pressure can lead to increased energy levels required to move the vehicle.
  2. Keep vehicle steering in good condition. Adjust toe-in and camber if necessary. An incorrect steering alignment can also increase the amount of energy needed by car to function properly.
  3. Lubricate vehicle as recommended in Owner´s manual.  Certain golf course locations and conditions might require more frequent lubrications. If this is the case, do it.
  4. Ensure brakes are lubricated and tires turn free without resistance. If brake adjusters are not well lubricated, brake pads will stay in contact with drums, increasing resistance and using more energy from batteries.


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