Storage area

It is important your storage area is well-designed and has the correct electrical system installation to allow for a proper fleet rotation and good battery charging process.  If vehicles are “happy” they´ll last longer.

Below is a short checklist to ensure optimum storage area functionality:

1. Ensure AC sockets provide the correct amount of energy

  • For PowerDrive/IQPlus chargers, AC sockets must provide a minimum of 10.7 amps, with all chargers on.
  • For fleets using the new ERIC chargers, they´ll need to supply a minimum of 8 amps per socket.

2. Provide enough space for vehicles to be moved easily inside the garage, to avoid any accidental damage and collisions. The more the space, the less damages you’ll have.


3. Use all vehicles for the same amount of time! To achieve this, it is recommended to use the CDM tool, as it provide valuable information on car usage.  A proper fleet rotation will help you extend vehicle warranty, as you´ll spread usage between all cars.

  • In other words, if you only use the same 10 cars, batteries will quickly run out of warranty before the other cars.

4. Do not clean your vehicles with high-pressure water. Remember: electricity and water do not mix. If using high-pressure hoses, you run the risk of some water entering into electrical components, causing shortcircuits and power failures.

  • Clean vehicles just with tap water, without any aggressive soaps or cleaning products, as this in turn will remove shine.

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