Recycle what’s not being used

Did you know that 100% of batteries can be recycled?

Once batteries arrive at the Recycling plant, they are destroyed, and are mixed with a variety of other components in big tanks.

As the plastic case is the lightest component, it floats, remaining at the top of the tank and to be easily removed.

  • All plastic components will be cleaned and recycled in other products or new battery cases.

Acid is neutralized, adding several chemical products, so when neutralised, it can be disposed of without any risk to the environment.

When neutralized, special crystals are produced, and used for other purposes:

  • Lead moves to the bottom so it can be separated and recycled.  It will be used to make new batteries.
  • Please, ensure batteries are properly recycled – never throw batteries straight into the rubbish….  They´re very dangerous and must be collected by certified companies to be guarantee proper disposal and recycling.

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